Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wargaming needs you!

With mountains of miniatures to buy, assemble and paint, and pages upon pages of rules to read it’s easy to see why wargaming can be a daunting hobby to venture into.  Many young adults may lack the patience and financial means, whilst those from older generations might lack the spare time or the courage to get the ball rolling. This often means that those of us, who've managed to wade through the high initial investment, find ourselves in sparse company. 

So what can we do to help our local hobby scene grow?

Be open and proud about your involvement in the hobby

Being open and unapologetic about enjoying wargaming helps along the process of improving social attitudes. This then enables those who are interested, but were previously too embarrassed, to come forward.

There will always be people who scoff and snigger at the thought of grown men (or women!) playing with toy soldiers but the same will apply to any ‘out of the ordinary’ pursuit.  Think back to a little over a decade ago, when video gaming was seen as an incredibly reclusive and typically ‘nerdy’ activity. Who then would have imagined that we’d have TV adverts for Nintendo games aimed at middle-aged women? But as the young generations of gamers grew into adulthood, what was originally seen as a child’s toy quickly became more and more socially acceptable.  

Support your local gaming club

Although often perceived as a hobby for recluses, wargaming is very much a social activity. Whether your preference is an easy going narrative based game or a full on, intense, battle of wits, you need opponents.
Gaming clubs are the hub whereby new players can experience what makes wargaming such an enjoyable hobby. Gaming clubs should be friendly and welcoming places for all new comers. It’s extremely uncomfortable to feel like an intruder so regular players should make an effort to meet and greet new faces. Also make sure the club is advertised and presented well with clear instructions on how to get there.  

Most of all, attend!  

Support your local stockist

Walking down a high street and stopping to peer in through a shop window. For many this will be their first experience of seeing fully painted miniatures in all their glory. Most will walk on bemused but the odd few will go in and begin the life-long addiction we all know so well.

Hobby shops in our town centres are essential and it’s up to us to keep them there!

Encourage friends to play

Easy to play, miniature-based board games such as ‘Project Pandora’ or ‘Dwarf King’s Hold’ are a great way to get people enjoying the basics of the hobby with no investment on their part. With any luck they’ll be hooked and you’ll be able to start introducing them to small skirmish or mass battle games.

Hopefully this article has given you food for thought about how you can help the miniature wargaming hobby grow in your local area. Let’s make it happen!

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  1. Nice write up - it's great to see such enthusiasm in supporting wargaming communities.

    Long live Mantic Games!